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A 1960s Former Coverhouse in Buckhead's Arden/Habersham

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Nestled into the woodsy, rolling landscape of Buckhead’s Arden/Habersham neighborhood sits this fabulous Mid-Century modern pad. If you’re obsessed with Mad Men and looking to drop $1,395,000 on a home, look no further. This 1961 original was the work of Atlanta architect Ken Johnson, whose portfolio also includes the bizarre, demolished C&S Bank branch on Moreland Avenue south of East Atlanta. Upon completion, the home made appearances in the Atlanta Constitution and The American Home, where it was praised for the seamless insertion into its lot and described as a “fun”place to live. A half century later, and these compliments still ring true. Here’s a house that reveals itself differently from every angle: the view from the street is reserved with lots of native granite and dark painted siding, while the rear embraces the landscape with loads of glass. The gorgeous stony treatment extends to the interior, even in then shower! The homeowner’s killer furniture collection does justice to each room, but the most beguiling space may just be the den with the corner fireplace. Featuring high stone walls, natural light that peeks through clerestory windows, and a monastery-like seating arrangement, you’ve got the perfect place to meditate on the finer points of 1960s design.

· 3052 West Pine Valley Road [Trulia]
· Kenneth Johnson, Architect [DOCOMOMO GA]