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Some Cool, Funky Office Space From Which to Market Automobiles on the Interwebs

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[Photos courtesy of Perkins+Will.]

Though it's been almost a year since Perkins + Will was awarded a International Design Association award for their work on the headquarters of (a subsidiary of Atlanta-based media megalith Cox Communications), we just stumbled upon some imagery of the work and deemed it worthy of sharing. With all the work they're doing in the great outdoors on the Atlanta BeltLine, one can sometimes forget Perkins + Will makes interior spaces, too (well, not really). But the approachably-futuristic concept and warm color palette that balances it in this space is a nice demonstration of their indoor chops. Cox Communications doesn't necessarily jump out when we think of high design, but seeing this has us curious about what the rest of their (abundant) Atlanta office space looks like.

· Perkins + Will- [official site]