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Oliver McMillan Playing Nice With the B'head Village

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We won't waste too many words paraphrasing this very thorough piece from BuckheadView on the status of the Special Administrative Permit being sought for Buckhead Atlanta. Instead, we'll focus on the highlights: 1) the Development Review Committee was not satisfied with Oliver McMillan's response to their initial comments on loading dock issues on Pharr Road, concerns with some of the materials being used on the streetscapes of Buckhead Atlanta and the disappearance of a tree from the plans; 2) another trip back to the drawing board will not delay the start of construction, still slated for April. Not reported: how Hoerr Schaudt (the internationally-known landscape architects handling the project) feel about committee members "helping" them with the design. Also not reported: if there is any chance Oliver McMillan will re-consider the project's name. [BuckheadView]

Buckhead Atlanta

Peachtree Road at Buckhead Avenue, Atlanta, GA