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Grand Mountain Cabin in Ellijay Is Your Escape From the Summer That Is Nigh

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So it's the second day of February, and temperatures are forecast to climb to near 70 degrees in Atlanta today. Which means summer is just around the corner. With summer heat on the brain, a journey to the cool mountain air of Ellijay, GA seemed appropriate, and this house in the Utana Bluffs development built in 2008 is certainly worthy of the trip. If one looked up the term "grand log cabin" in the dictionary, this might place just appear. There's a veritable orgy of rough-hewn timber going on, which is accented by a giant pile of stone and lots of substantial wood and leather furniture. And the "viewing tower" is a particularly dramatic touch (though we'd love to have seen a view pic in the gallery). For a purchase price of nearly $3 million ($2.95 to be exact), we'd expect more than 3 beds and 3 baths. But perhaps this place was meant to be enjoyed by smaller crowds.

· 616 Chief White Tail Road | Ellijay, GA [Atlanta Fine Homes]