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More Apartments Coming to The Westside

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The march to the Westside continues! Two trends - West Midtown growth and apartment building development - appear to be converging on a former steel mill adjacent to the Westside waterworks. Creative Loafing caught on to the requested rezoning of the parcel which lies just down the street from the Westside Urban Market.

Former steel mill sounds a bit shades-of-Atlantic Station to us, but hopefully these developers can take advantage of the great city sight lines and the view of the reservoir to create a successful residential development with some unique character. In any event, the prospect of ground-up new development such as this is a good sign for the City. As we've noted once or twice, there are opportunities aplenty in this stretch of town, and with the Beltline and Westside Quarry Park coming over the next few years, we know where we'd put good money on Atlanta's development.

Westside Urban Market

1198-1200 Howell Mill Road, Atlanta, GA

Atlantic Station

1380 Atlantic Drive, , GA 30363 (404) 733-1221 Visit Website