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The Midtown Alliance Sets Its Sights On Creating The South's First "Eco-Urban District"

The Midtown Alliance is masterminding a plan to knock Virginia-Highland off the reclaimed wood pedestal inscribed with the title “most eco-friendly intown neighborhood." Get ready for Greenprint Midtown. The Alliance has a pretty swell record with creating successful strategies, given that their Blueprint Midtown has been credited as the spark that really lit the neighborhood’s gentrification fire. The Greenprint is set to address sustainable transportation, green space, recycling, and smart use of energy and water; the four month planning process is set to start March 1st. Given the eco-minded nature of many intowners (are we stereotyping?), the plan should garner a good dose of community input. Just when you thought Midtown couldn’t get any more savvy, there’s a whole ‘nother reason to love this urban bright spot. [Atlanta Biz Chronicle]

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