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A Million Dollars Worth Of Absolutely Hideous in Hiram

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We get it - the $1,207,000 price tag is for over forty acres of beautifully ponded land in Hiram. What we don’t quite understand is why this listing is endowed with so many unappealing photos of a house you’re not supposed to care about. Oddly, some of the them look like they were meant to minimize faults, while others take a no holds barred attitude to the horrific reality. The depictions of the bathrooms are especially strange: in two of them, we mostly see bright white showers, but one can’t help but notice the formica and a wooden toilet seat peeking out in the corners. And let’s not even theorize on what the substance dripping down the mirror in that other bathroom pic could be. Speaking of creepy, the living room with corner fireplace is giving us the “uh-oh” feeling. Closed vertical blinds + randomly childless toys + crappy ‘80s stonework = no thanks. There’s really no getting around the aesthetic of the kitchen, which consists of all the worst shades of brown known to man. But the best (meaning worst) photo has got to be the basement. Looking like a failed hoarder’s intervention, it practically sells the house. Or not.

· 722 Rich Davis Road [Zillow]