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T-SPLOST $ Coming to a Street Near You

Amid the sturm und drang over T-SPLOST thus far, most attention has been paid to the 'major' project list that was developed and and agreed-upon by the Atlanta Regional Roundtable, which will account for 90% of the funds to be collected. But it turns out the less-publicized 10% (projected to be $1.1 billion over 10 years) that local governments will have to distribute for transportation projects in their own communities will have what looks to be a rather positive impact as well. The City of Atlanta will split its cut between 'high profile' projects chosen by the City and distributions to the 12 City Council districts to use on projects of their choosing (from the list approved in the City's transportation plan, but still). Hopefully this local aspect will help sell T-SPLOST to those disinclined to support the plan based on ideology, a lack of information or complete lack of a long-term view. [Saporta Report]