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On the Brutalization of a Cascade McMansion At the Hand of the Housing Market

To note and describe the still-evolving housing apocalypse gets tiresome, and there is a distinctly grim aspect to it. But we feel it our duty to share particularly apt examples of Atlanta's housing woes with you, like this plus-sized house in Cascade Heights. We're now headlong into the fourth year of this home's languishing on the market, which is an awfully long time by any measure. Back in December of 2008, its hopeful owners listed it for sale for $879,000 (after paying nearly a million in 2005). Reality has set in over the last three years, reflected by a series of price cuts leading to the current list of $599,000 or $4,700 per month rental number. There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with the house (based on the listing, anyway), assuming you want to pay the freight on cooling and maintaining 6,803 square feet. It's just another day in Popped Bubble City, and to some extent, we're all walking around in the suds.

· 1411 Audubon Court [Estately]