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With Help From Our Friends in the Medias, Your Sandy Springs City Hall Update

In continuing to follow the Sandy Springs City Hall story, Dan Whisenhunt over at Reporter Newspapers has the field largely to himself. Which is a little strange, given that the story involves some questionable dealings and the potential of eminent domain being wielded by a city that boasts some of the pricier real estate in the metro Atlanta area (not to mention some of its wealthiest residents). The first of a pair of stories from last week deals with potential alternatives to the old Target site the city already purchased (or rather, the lack thereof). The second looks at the challenges Sandy Springs faces in trying to acquire the parcels adjacent to the Target site so that the plan for a large, mixed-use development including the municipal complex can be executed. The "pre-negotiation" phase of property owners rejecting offers and threatening lawsuits and the city commenting that it won't take eminent domain "off the table" is surely just an appetizer for the delightfully intriguing meal of conflict to come.

· No alternatives are received for Target site [Reporter Newspapers]
· City holds back on eminent domain [Reporter Newspapers]

Sandy Springs City Hall Site

235 Sandy Springs Circle, Sandy Springs, GA 30328