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Rumor Du Jour: Sembler on the BeltLine?

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The Atlanta real estate rumor mill is atwitter with news that Florida-mega-developer / major Atlanta retail player Sembler has the old LaFarge cement property on Glenwood Avenue under contract. Fans of the Atlanta real estate blogosphere may have seen A is for Atlanta's piece earlier this month about LaFarge's listing of the property and potential implications for the Atlanta BeltLine and its nearby southeast corridor. Sembler's ability to create large, retail-heavy mixed-use developments in Atlanta is not in doubt (see Town Brookhaven and the Edgewood Retail District). It just remains to be seen if they'll make an incursion into more transit-oriented development, a decision we assume will be based at least partially on their view of the BeltLine's prospects and time horizon. We're also curious if the Sembler formula can be tinkered with to accommodate a more liberal dose of local and non-big box tenants.