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Adaptive Reuse Gets Some (Overdue) Time in the Sun

Fans of adaptive reuse as we are, the headline on this piece pleased us; the extremely thorough and informative article that follows is a great primer for anyone looking to learn more about the ins and outs of "recycling buildings." Atlanta is home to one of the more compelling adaptive reuse stories in the country in the Ponce City Market- as that project's heavy lifting begins, may we suggest their blog as a great resource for background and news on the project (the inset image is a rendering of the finished product). Perhaps the only dispiriting thing about this article is its illustration that it took a cataclysmic economic meltdown, real estate crash and lack of financing to shift the larger development community's primary focus away from new construction. Hopefully when the salad days return, the myriad benefits of adaptive reuse will keep it in the mainstream of new real estate projects. [National Real Estate Investor]