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Atlanta & The 'Super-Commuters'

If one were to poll the entirety of the working population of the official Atlanta metropolitan area, we'd hazard to guess that more than a few consider themselves to be 'super-commuters,' but perhaps not in the exact sense Richard Florida describes in this recent piece in the Cities blog. Rather than anoint folks who spend multiple hours in a car or bus with superhero status, Florida describes the phenomenon of people traveling between different metro areas for work. A lot of this hinges on census data and definitions, which obviously does not represent all individual perceptions of metro area boundaries (particularly in Atlanta). But the larger point is well-taken and does speak to a theme that has resonated here for many years- people have been increasingly willing to take on lengthier commutes (or if they are lucky, shifted to at least partial telecommuting situations) in exchange for cheaper housing costs or a more rural lifestyle. So how does this reality fit into the current transportation infrastructure conversation? Let's just say it's complicated. [The Atlantic Cities blog]