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Among Other Failings, the AJC Hates the Streetcar?

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Scott Henry at Creative Loafing digs into what seems like a pattern of the Atlanta Journal Constitution engaging in journalism that blends laziness with a distinct distaste for the Atlanta Streetcar project, among others. In addition to its increasingly weak content and shrinking size, the AJC alienated some of its intown audience when it abandoned downtown for the suburbs (Perimeter) where its megalithic media parent Cox Communications has planted a sizable flag. Though it must be pointed out that Cox did donate the old AJC building to the city, the idea that a big city daily paper is not actually in that city is a little odd. Then again, Atlanta is a sprawly, suburban mess of a quasi-city, perhaps its appropriate that its quasi-big city paper now resides in one of those suburbs. [Creative Loafing]