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Sandy Springs City Hall-Gate: The Fun Begins in Earnest

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Just last week we discussed the City of Sandy Springs and its real estate strategy and plans for the former Target site on Sandy Springs Circle. At the time, storm clouds were merely circling...the promise of scandal a faint scent in the air. Well now it's on. Seems some basic accepted 'facts' about the city's $8 million purchase of the Target have been inaccurate all along, or left out of the debate altogether. For example, the site- presented by Sandy Springs government officials to be 7.75 or 8 acres- is actually only 6.9 acres. And when it was sold to the city, some pretty significant use restrictions came along with it. Both of these items are of keen interest to critics who contend the city overpaid for the site, who are now understandably miffed about these inaccuracies and omissions. Apparently only city attorney Wendell Willard knew the truth, and he contends that the use restrictions and parcel size weren't relevant to the now-in-question appraisal the city obtained in the course of pursuing the acquisition. If that sounds dubious (or flat-out ridiculous), it's probably because it is. More entertainment to come.

· Public records raise questions about city’s Target purchase [Reporter Newspapers]