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Live/Work Space Brings Zen to Atlanta's "Street of Sin"

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Cheshire Bridge Road is the embodiment of “different strokes for different folks.” On this short stretch of pavement one can grab killer fried chicken, tacos, or Ethiopian cuisine, peruse the latest in adult novelties, indulge in a night of excess, and hunt through a great selection of antique and vintage wares the next day. Tucked off one its side streets is this fatally cool Mid-Century live/work space that stands amid the weirdness cool, calm, and collected.

The 1958 International style structure sits behind a healthy dose of asphalt and yet still manages to feature a grassy backyard, perfect for those fancy canine-friendly offices we’ve heard about. It’s perfectly sited at the intersection of Morningside/Va-Hi, Buckhead, and the neighborhoods surrounding Emory, but the immediate environs couldn’t be any more CBR: a Waffle House, strip club, old-timer gay bar, and Title Max make for uncommon neighbors.

It’s almost as if the building and its interiors were designed to cleanse one of the surrounding mental chaos. The pared down aesthetic consists of simple lines and oodles of pure white, so the fact that an architecture firm currently occupies the space comes as no surprise. The listing photos show an emphasis on of the “work” aspect of the space, but it’s not hard to imagine a design aficionado creating a swoon-worthy Mod residence - apparently, he/she could squeeze three bedrooms out of the space. Picture it: a couple of shopping trips to the Westside (Knoll, Room & Board, etc), an urban garden out back, and Dwell’s stopping by for a photo shoot. As for that Manhattan-sized kitchen, consider it an asset: cooking only makes a mess.

· 1085 Alco Street NE [Zillow]