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A Roomy Arts & Crafts Showplace for Art in Ansley Park

On the Market is going highbrow today, traveling down to one of Atlanta's most vaunted streets (The Prado) in perhaps its most vaunted neighborhood to look at a house set up to show off an art collection. The broker babble claims that the place has been featured in both the AJC and Traditional Home, and we're inclined to believe it. There's a lot to love here for fans of the Arts & Crafts style, and we mean that literally...there's over 5600 square feet of space. And the fact that there's a relatively modest 4 bedrooms and 3.5 baths speaks to the generously-sized living spaces. In addition to standard features of today's $1.75 million house (amazing pro-grade kitchen, enormous 'n' plush master suite), there's some cool Atlanta touches, like columns made of Stone Mountain granite. The porches are pretty great, too.

· 141 The Prado [Dorsey Alston]