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Norcross Could Land A Mega Video Gambling Facility - Just Don't Call It A Casino

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Dan O’Leary’s 2009 effort to bring video gaming facility to Underground Atlanta was pooh-poohed by then Governor Sonny Perdue, but the man’s more determined than a horse in heat. It’s been revealed that O’Leary wants to try again with a similar concept, this time in...Norcross. Seems like Gwinnett is the place to go for somewhat crazy ideas, as evidenced by this and this. The $1 billion development (which O’Leary claims is not a casino) is envisioned as two phases that would result in a pair of large hotels, a floor of video lottery games, a theater, and some parking decks; the whole shabang is described as having a “very posh feel.” And “posh” is exactly the word we think of when picturing land next to I-85 in Gwinnett. O’Leary presented the plan to Governor Deal earlier this January, but there’s still plenty of hurdles to overcome, namely achieving the backing of the Georgia Lottery Board. There’s no telling if O’Leary will have more success with his plan out in the ‘burbs, but the completed project could mean an additional $350,000,000 a year funneled into the HOPE scholarship and pre-K programs. Sure, video gambling could mean the end of family values as we know it in this state, but the kiddies gotta learn!

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