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There Will Be Food & Retail Shopping Available in the International Terminal When It Opens

Disaster has been avoided, and travelers passing through the new International Terminal at Hartsfield will be able to eat and shop when it opens on May 16th. Creative Loafing's Scott Henry has a great and very timely piece that will get you up to speed on the muddy saga of the City's airport concessions contracts, which Mayor Reed can now legally sign. A Fulton County Superior Court judge has denied injunctive relief to plaintiffs alleging shenanigans in the awarding of the airport concessions contracts, clearing the way for things to move along. If you've found the entire thing difficult to follow, you're certainly not alone...perhaps unsurprisingly, the hundreds of millions of dollars at stake have colored the process with plenty of intrigue, stonewalling, allegations of corruption and (suprise!) delays. But with the opening of a new terminal at the world's busiest airport at stake, an full investigation and hearings on the process are going to have to be somewhat retroactive (they're scheduled to take place next month). We'd note that CL a lowly "alt-weekly" has, per usual, provided Atlanta's best reporting on this story. In our opinion.

· Mayor Reed signs airport contracts after judge denies injunction [Creative Loafing]

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