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And Once Again We Ask, Rent or Buy in Buckhead?

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There's been no shortage of discussion on apartments lately...people want to live in them, developers want to build them and investors want to buy them. But our ongoing look at the quandary Atlantans face- live in an apartment or own a condo for less money- continues. As evidenced by the sheer numbers of 'used' (as opposed to new) condominiums and their sometimes absurdly low list prices, buying a condo is a lot easier than selling one. Still, if one knows they're going to be somewhere for a while with static needs, it may not be a disaster. Take this 1 bed, 1 bath place for instance. Though built in 1989, it's got a fairly timeless feel with wood floors and a livable floorplan. The location is great for accessing all areas of Buckhead in a number of ways (which is clutch given how bad the traffic can be nearby on Piedmont). Assuming you paid full list price of $107,000 (which you won't), your monthly nut including HOA dues and taxes would be safely under $900. Apartment dwellers out there tell us- what are you paying for a similar 1/1 rental in the same area?

· 3655 Habersham Unit 241-B [Estately]