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The Gold Dome Misses the Bus (and Train)

It looks like the Georgia legislature will fail to act on arguably the most pressing issue facing the Atlanta metro region (and thereby, the entire state) this session. In spite of its particular relevance given the upcoming T-SPLOST referendum, your elected leaders have not been able to agree on a bill together that is a) fair, and b) would create a regional transit agency to bring some order and efficiencies to the metro area's various bus and train services. Partisan politics are a factor, of course, but focusing on them only pushes a solution farther away. Whether they know it or not, this issue impacts every tax payer in the State of Georgia (people and corporations alike) in a very real way, especially if "the economy" and "jobs" are of primary concern. Perhaps someone can help the folks under the Dome make the connection. [Creative Loafing]