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Can't The Westside and Castleberry Hill Just Be Friends?

Which makes the superior arts district: Castleberry Hill or the Westside? That’s the question recently posed by Hollis Gillespie, and the answer seems to be that both rock in their own way. We should just accept the fact that Atlanta can have more than one creatively cool neighborhood! Who do we think we are - Charlotte? Joking! Castleberry Hill has been known as our SoHo for a while now, with its (formerly) cheap spaces in a neglected part of town transformed into edgy performance spaces and galleries; the Westside’s step into the spotlight has been a more recent phenomenon, due in no small part to the development of the Westside Urban Market / White Provisions District. A younger, more edgy crowd tends to characterize Castleberry, while the Westside’s adjacency to Buckhead naturally attracts a wealthier, more sedate demographic. Plus, the design showrooms over there are a favorite for “Betties” and the decorators who love them. Now if both ‘hoods held their monthly art walks on the same date, things might have gotten ugly. Luckily, there’s no need to choose sides in this battle of the bohemians.

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