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Fine, Enormous Home Anchors Your Own Lake Lanier Mini-Resort or Neighborhood

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For the second time in as many weeks (remember the first?), we've been bowled over by a house that while absurdly-sized, has actually been designed, built and decorated with seriously good taste. But this glorious celebration of wealth and expensive building materials located in Flowery Branch on Lake Lanier comes with some serious extras. In the event the next owner of this home doesn't personally need the entire 80+ acres or 54 permitted boat slips (9 of which are in place), part of the property has been helpfully sub-divided into 17 residential lots. The estate and its 'adjacent development' are located on the rather large and open southeast end of the lake, just around the corner from Lake Lanier Islands, where there's deep water access and mountain views. Given Lanier's vulnerability to drought and the ongoing effects of the real estate crash, one would have to enormous chutzpah or a lot of friends good enough to be neighbors to take this seriously as a development play. Or maybe just have money to burn. With a purchase price of $19,900,000, the latter is pretty much guaranteed.

· 6531 Athletic Club Drive | Flowery Branch, GA [Atlanta Fine Homes]