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Phoenix Flies Returns For A Month Of (Free!) Insider Tours

March has returned, and you may as well whip out your day planner now: Phoenix Flies is fast approaching! Not familiar? Phoenix Flies is a month long extravaganza organized by the Atlanta Preservation Center that serves as a kind of backstage pass to some of the city’s coolest nooks and crannies. It’s the one chance a year we all get to explore and learn about the places that pique our interest and make our city unique and, unbelievably, it’s all free! Some of the goodies on this year’s itinerary are guided tours of City Hall, White Provision, Ponce City Market, Opera nightclub, the Academy of Medicine, Ponce de Leon Avenue, Grant Park, Inman Park, Piedmont Park, Ansley Park, The Temple...get the idea yet? So if you’d like to educate yourself about your surroundings (and don’t give a hoot about looking like a tourist on your home turf) pick a few events and remember to go. We hear some of the fancier new phones out there have a reminder function.

· The Phoenix Flies
· The Atlanta Preservation Center