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Big Brother in Atlanta Will Be Better Organized

That cities around America and the world have gone big on video surveillance is not news (London is said to have more than 500,000 video surveillance cameras). But Atlanta is playing catch-up compared to places like New York and Chicago. As noted in October of last year, the Buckhead CID got into the act, hiring something called Iron Sky to install 16 cameras. Now thanks to Aaron Rents Founder/Chairman Charlie Loudermilk and his family, the Atlanta Police Foundation has $1 million to spend on the "Operation Shield Integration Center," which will bring all of the city's various public and private video surveillance feeds into one place. The battle lines on issues of privacy are well-drawn, there's no real need to re-hash the argument. Just reserve your questionable behavior for the privacy of your home with the shades drawn (and your web cam turned to the "off" position) and there shouldn't be any problem. Unless there is.

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