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Mayor Reed Pushes Onward (With Some Help)

Mayor Kasim Reed seems to enjoy remarkably cohesive support from the titans of the Atlanta corporate community- so much so that they're helping him do his job in these lean times. There exists a cabal of the most powerful figures in Atlanta business- think Chairmen and CEO's of companies like Coca Cola, UPS, Suntrust, Delta and Georgia Power, to name only a few- called the Atlanta Committee for Progress (ACP). These executives are playing an interesting (and vital) civic role by helping the Mayor raise money to fund projects like hiring consultants to revamp the structure of the City's pension and health care programs. The ACP also contributed significantly to the campaign to pass the MOST (municipal option sales tax). We're very glad to see that the Mayor and ACP now have Atlanta's threadbare infrastructure in their sites...seems the city has a $922 million backlog of upgrades needed roads, bridges and sidewalks. [Saporta Report]