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Where We Re-visit the Evolving APS Redistricting Debate

While the various stakeholders in the debate over Atlanta Public Schools redistricting probably have wildly divergent opinions on Superintendent Errol Davis (or perhaps not), it's highly doubtful anyone would want his job. As APS struggles to deal with a problem decades in the making- essentially, distribution of student populations completely unaligned with current physical assets (aka schools)- the formidable practical complications are being compounded exponentially by hot-button, taboo issues (race, socio-economics) and an extremely passionate and vocal group of parents. It would take thousands of words from someone far better educated on the issue than us to lay it all out (this piece here does a credible job with part of it, as does this one here), and here's a link to the Demographic Study that got it all started. But we found a letter sent to Superintendent Davis from the Virginia Highland Civic Association yesterday to be an interesting and easy-to-understand update on the debate (from one perspective, anyway), which is still evolving after nearly 5 months. We're sure there are other such documents out there, and we're happy to link to any and all reasonable ones that are brought to our attention. We'd also open our Comments section to the various points of view. Keep it civil, people.

· APS Redistricting: Letter From VHCA To Superintendent Davis []

E. Rivers Elementary

8 Peachtree Battle Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30305 404 702 8050

David T. Howard School

551 John Wesley Dobbs Avenue, Atlanta, GA

Capitol View Elementary School

1442 Metropolitan Parkway, Atlanta, GA

Coan Middle School

1550 Hosea Williams Drive , Atlanta, GA

Mary Lin Elementary

586 Candler Park Drive NE, Atlanta, Georgia 30307

Morningside Elementary School

1053 E Rock Springs Road NE, Atlanta, Georgia 30306 404 802 8950