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If You Feel Like Getting Angry Today

Many of the typical media outposts are discussing the ongoing tomfoolery regarding Atlanta's "urgent" need for a new Falcons stadium, but we strongly recommend you read Peach Pundit's take. Nothing has fundamentally changed with the situation- it's looking like a near-lock that Falcons owner Arthur Blank will get his new open-air stadium, with taxpayers footing some $400 million of the bill. But the ongoing despicability of the issue's politics merits a reboot of the situation. The upside? Atlanta will probably get a Super Bowl, and professional football in the Capital of the South will rightly return to the outdoors. The downside (beyond common sense, logic and thrift being completely thrown out the window)? More pressing needs (primarily transportation infrastructure) will get short shrift, already-marginalized neighborhoods are likely to be further damaged and Atlanta will have another ill-advised, short-sighted decision to add to its prodigious tally. Yahy! (Thanks to @collinsb for the tip). [Peach Pundit]