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The Buckhead CID Would Like Peachtree Road To Be Pedestrian-Friendly

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Under the leadership of Executive Director Jim Durrett and a Board rife with real estate heavies like David Allman of Regent Partners, Scott Selig of Selig Enterprises and Charles Ackerman of Ackerman & Co. (to name just a few), the Buckhead CID is taking major steps to create a more livable, pedestrian-friendly environment amid the automotive chaos that is Buckhead currently. In addition to their involvement in projects like the pedestrian bridge (over) and bike/walk trail (along) GA 400 and the effort to increase greenspace & parks (with Livable Buckhead, Inc.), they've just announced the hiring of a major international planning and engineering firm to develop a less car-centric transportation and land use plan for the entire CID. The plan will be deployed first to evaluate a "complete streets" project on Peachtree Road running from Maple Drive (just south of the intersection with Piedmont) thru the 'Buckhead Village' to Pharr Road. As it happens, a little development called Buckhead Atlanta fronts Peachtree for most of this stretch. Exploiting the synergies of the long-awaited completion of the former Streets of Buckhead (now slated for 2014) and this complete streets project, the long-in-the-tooth transformation of Buckhead from a traffic-plagued 'Bourbon Street East' to shiny, pedestrian-friendly live-work-play paradise may finally be completed.

· Making the Right Investments in Buckhead [Buckhead CID blog]

Buckhead Atlanta

Peachtree Road at Buckhead Avenue, Atlanta, GA