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The Cheapest Non-Hovel We've Seen Near Chastain In a While

As previously noted, those looking for a starter home near Chastain Park would be better-served focusing their efforts elsewhere. But every once in a while, a listing within reasonable proximity of the actual park comes along in the half a million dollars range (yes, we know- this severely strains the definition of 'starter home,' but we're talking about Sandy Springs/Buckhead). While we'd probably opt for a color other than puke green for the wooden exterior, there's a lot to like in this 3 bed, 3.5 bath house of 2,080 square feet. The floor plan is open, the living areas are quite spacious and the updates are legit. The $539,900 list price also gets you some terraced outdoor spaces, including a koi pond. We've never really understood the allure of these, as most of the ones we've run across always seem to be in some state of disrepair with tubes and cords askance. But feeding and watching fish does seem relaxing...keep it under consideration.

· 4784 Lafayette Court NW [Estately]