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Lots of Potential, But Scruffy Duplex in Candler Park (And Its Listing) Needs Some Work

There's certainly nothing wrong with a fix-me-up property; there exists a healthy pool of buyers with imagination and the time and/or money to purchase these and turn them into the properties of their dreams. Still, a little spit and polish goes a long way toward getting your asking price- apparently this seller is ready to deal. The specimen is a fairly large structure currently configured as a duplex with a pair of 3 bed/2bath units; we assume the broker babble's phrase, "currently used as a duplex bringing income stream" means it's someone's investment property, at least partially. The house is located on the Candler Park side of Euclid Avenue, giving it excellent proximity to both Freedom and Candler Parks, as well as the eating, drinking and shopping options of Little Five Points. We aren't privy to the numbers, but a little polish could probably enhance the income stream on this place. But we think it has also the potential to be a killer single family house with some renovation. Front porches (2 of them) screened and open are already in place, and with the living space of two domiciles and a bedroom or two available to throw in the pot, one could create an in-town haven that would be large and in charge. With a list price of $399,000, one could afford to spend $2-300k on a renovation and still be ahead of the curve for large houses in the neighborhood. We're just sayin'...

· 1225 Euclid Avenue NE [Atlanta Fine Homes]