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The State Will Continue to Help Limit Your Sinning...For Now

Having gained the right to purchase alcohol at stores on Sunday over the past few months, heathens in Georgia (Governor Nathan Deal among them) sought to capitalize on the momentum and add gambling to the mix. But it's not going to happen this year. After passing through one committee under the Gold Dome last week, supporters had high hopes for a bill that put the legalization of horse racing on the ballot in Georgia in November. But the kill-joys on another State House Committee tabled it Wednesday, effectively quashing it for 2012. Citing horse racing as a, "healthy, clean, green (huh?)" industry, the bill's sponsor hoped to shore up the HOPE scholarship with proceeds from the gambling. But opponents- likely still smarting from the prevailing of common sense on Sunday alcohol sales- no doubt sensed a slippery slope. For what it's worth, a Georgia State professor & economist doubts horse racing would generate much revenue for the state.

· All Bets Are Off Horse Racing This Year [Georgia Public Broadcasting]