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Light Rail Transit Recommended for the Clifton Corridor

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The planning folks over at MARTA have spoken, and the preferred transit mode for the 8.8 mile Clifton Corridor is light rail. In case you've forgotten, the proposal (which could all go up in smoke with the possible rejection of T-SPLOST this July) is for a new line to leave the Lindbergh MARTA Station and hit ten, possibly thirteen, stops before terminating at the Avondale Station. Considering that the Clifton Corridor is one of the largest employment hubs in Atlanta lacking direct rail or freeway access, its completion could mean relief for plenty of commuters and residents in the area that endure crushing congestion. Not surprisingly, internet reactions so far have been mixed - this town has never lacked online critics! Naysayers contend that a transfer from one form of rail to another will be a turnoff for would-be riders, and that while heavy rail is the more expensive way to go, it's better for the long term. Those who support LRT for the corridor maintain that at least it's better than bus rapid transit (BRT), and with already limited monies for transit we can't afford to fight for heavy rail. We have a nice "backbone" with our existing rail lines; it's time to supplement them with this and similar projects, i.e. the Downtown Streetcar and Beltline transit. Ultimately, the decision lies with the MARTA Board of Directors who will review the plan April 9th.

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