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Pretty(?) in Pink: Alpharetta's Polynesian Oddity

It’s not every day you see a Polynesian Brady Bunch-era home for sale in Alpharetta. There just might be a troublesome tiki buried in the yard by the looks of this place. Okay, so different websites put the construction as 1971 or 1987, but we'll go with the former since it played into the intro so well. On the plus side, you’re getting over five acres of what appear to be lovely woodlands. Befitting the discounted price ($489,900), the house itself could use some improvements. Let’s start with those color choices. Pinkish tones seem to have been favored by some previous owner, showing up on the walls, carpeting, cabinets, and sink - all at once. A hunter green tub accented with gold fixtures is doing anyone a favor. You’ll notice the 1980s are still alive and well in this home; the shiny white kitchen could have been designed by Tom Selleck’s character in Three Men and A Baby, while the great room is screaming for a Nagel above that fireplace. The woodier features of the home might be a bit much, but you’ve got to appreciate them for their originality. How many people can say their home has a three story greenhouse accented by a gee-whiz bridge and a koi pond? If ever a home needed a “special” buyer, this is it.

· 330 Ankonian Drive, Alpharetta, GA 30022 [Trulia]