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Sherwood Forest Modern "Glass House" Presented With Some Really Annoying Camera Angles

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Modern houses in Atlanta are usually the exception to the rule, so when listing one for sale, one can usually count on the fact that it will stand out. Apparently not content to merely stand out, the listing for this modern house in Midtown's Sherwood Forest neighborhood is rife with jarring camera angles, perhaps in an effort to enhance the drama of the home's design. Which isn't really necessary. The broker babble is full of all sorts of information on the place's design and social pedigree...note mention of "Miami," "art events" and "photo shoots," and it is a fairly spectacular amalgam of glass, steel, open space and modern materials and finishes. The seller is asking $1,850,000 for the 4 bed, 3.5 baths with a pool (not pictured, oddly enough). Assuming they can get past the annoying listing photographs, we'd guess there's someone out there looking for something like this.

· 170 Robin Hood Road NE [Atlanta Fine Homes]