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A Selection of Starter Homes With Kids in Mind

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Atlanta is generally a pretty great place to raise a family. Cheating scandals and re-districting drama notwithstanding, there are some excellent schools in the City of Atlanta and in the 'burbs. Compared to some places, housing costs here are fairly low. And you won't have to spend a small fortune outfitting the children in winter clothing, we don't have winter anymore!

So today we explore a few starter home options** for those folks that have made the leap and have procreated, or plan to do so in the near future.

You Have an Infant or Toddler to Get Out and About, Just Not in a Car

· 727 Courtenay Drive (Virginia Highland) [Estately]

Even though a stubborn pride in our town's car-centric nature persists, the benefits of walkable neighborhoods are lost on fewer and fewer folks as traffic worsens and gas prices approach European heights. A move into a place like Virginia Highland will deny those on a budget the McMansion of their dreams. But the ability to walk to parks like this one and this one should salve the wound. Excellent coffee will help for those early mornings at the park. And Mom and Dad can enjoy plenty of tasty food and drink in kid-friendly joints like this.

Have Teen (Or Soon Will); Looking to Stretch Housing Dollar

· 1169 Manor Crest Court (Cobb County) [Estately]

Marietta's Walton High School is widely considered one of the finest in the city, state and even the nation. This 'classic' Atlanta suburbs brick house will allow for a classic suburban experience...neighborhood swim and tennis, kids on bikes riding to kickball games in cul-de-sacs, etc. You'll have to drive to big box strip centers to do your eating and shopping. But you'll have a nice deck and patch of grass to get your grill-on.

Plan to Go Private in Buckhead, Just Not Until Middle School

· 753 Woodward Way NW (Buckhead) [Estately]

A certain segment of Atlanta's population dreams of sending their kids to one of Buckhead's vaunted private schools, like Westminster, Pace Academy or The Lovett School. The shitty economy, however, has denuded many of these folks of the desire (or ability) to lock into $20k+ in annual tuition for 13 years of education. The solution? Park oneself in reasonable proximity to these schools (that you hope your kids can get into) and send them to a public elementary school that might as well be private, Morris Brandon.

**We couldn't possibly factor every person's perspective and economic resources in defining a "starter home." If these don't comport with your definition, we apologize.