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A Starter Home Near Ansley Mall for Under $200,000

We did a double take when we saw this fresh listing for a cute 1940 cottage on Monroe Drive in Piedmont Heights. Under $200,000 for a house in this neck of the woods? This is the perfect starter home for those who have dreams of an Ansley Park showplace in their future; you’ve got to start somewhere, and besides, Piedmont Heights is oftentimes wrongly referred to as Ansley Park (or Morningside or Midtown) anyway. We won’t tell if you won’t. The place could use some work, but that’s a given at this pricepoint. A little TLC in the frontyard would push the curb appeal through the roof, and the original hardwoods are lovely. An odd kitchen is the result of the building’s history as a duplex although it looks functional for the time being. We’re thinking the least appealing part of this deal might be the prospect of backing onto Monroe at certain times of the day - good luck with that!

· 1769 Monroe Drive [Trulia]