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Bad Movers & 21st Century Revenge

God we love a technology and internet-savvy consumer done wrong. If we've learned one thing from this gentleman's multimedia campaign to warn the public about the Easy Moving Company, it's not to mess with Conrad Hametner. And NEVER use the Easy Moving Company. On top of the less-than-careful handling of his furniture chronicled in this surveillance camera footage, Mr. Hametner lists a collection of malfeasance including, "[t]hreatening mannerisms, over charging, [s]tealing and the silent treatment." We have to say that the damage detailed in the photos isn't as bad as the video would suggest. But these still seem like pretty awful movers, who clearly did not know what they were dealing with. The cherry? Type "bad movers" into Google. Apparently Mr. Hametner knows a little something about SEO, too. [Flickr / YouTube]