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So You Think You Have a Lot of Sh*t?

Who among us hasn't been in the throes of a move and had a meltdown moment contemplating all of the stuff we've acquired. It's enough to call 'Hoarders' on yourself. Well lest you think you have an insane amount of shit, we direct you toward one Candy Spelling, she of the Spelling TV family & fortune and the absurd house pictured above. If you hadn't heard, she recently sold the L.A.-area "house" for $85 million (14 bedrooms, 27 bathrooms in 56,600 square feet) and now must confine herself to a 16,000 square foot condominium. The 30 moving truck move has been documented by HGTV, and the British press rightly turned their jaundiced eye on the whole debacle, since a 22 year-old English heiress saw fit to buy the place. Read the article- you'll feel better about all of the crap you threw in the attic/basement last time around.
· Thirty removal vans and 123 rooms to pack up: Candy Spelling's big move from her $85 million mansion is documented for new TV programme []