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Perhaps the Most Demure $10 Million Home We've Ever Seen

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While $10 million is fast becoming chump change in places like New York and San Francisco, a $10 million condo listing in Atlanta will certainly get one's attention. And while people usually associate Atlanta's priciest condominiums with places like the residences at the St. Regis hotel and The Sovereign, this two story penthouse is located in the somewhat below-the-radar 2500 Peachtree Road building, located on Peachtree in the vicinity of Jesus Junction. Moreover, as $9,950,000 listings go in Atlanta, this one is about as understated as it gets. Don't get us wrong, it's enormous (7545 square feet inside, with over 2200 square feet of outdoor terraces). And as sedate and cozy-stylish as the finishes and decor are, they were no doubt quite expensive to create. In addition to the absence of gold, acres of rare stone and bad, garish art, the place is also notable for its lack of the Atlanta skyline view. Usually penthouses here are all about the view down Peachtree into Midtown and Downtown. But (as seen in the listing photos) this place is long on peaceful, sylvan views of Atlanta's verdant canopy. Which brings us back to the price. Given Atlanta's relatively small market for multi-million condos, and the fact that one could snag the biggest unit at the St. Regis for a few million less and avail themselves of its prestige and posh amenities, it's probably fair to ask if this price is reasonable. We suppose the market will let us know.

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