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First Time Homebuyers: Please Tell Us a Story

Though it seems everyone would prefer to rent these days, there has probably never been a better time to be a home buyer. In honor of those intrepid souls still willing to wade into the waters of home ownership, Curbed is planning an entire week of features aimed at the first time homebuyer. And we want you to help! We'd just love it if you'd send tales from the trenches, present or past. Whether you shopped on the courthouse steps, did it all online or went out and got yourself a real estate agent, we want to hear about your experiences. Did you crack the code? Were there things you wish you had known? How did the voyeuristic qualities of stepping into people's homes to evaluate them strike you? Anything and everything about your first time home buying experience is fair game.

We also want your First Time Home Buyer Horror Stories, and you could win some serious cash to spend on your home- $2,500 at the home store of your choice- if yours is the most horrific. So please, join us in a celebration of all of the good (and the bad) about the journey into owning your first domicile, tell us a story, and send it to the tipline.