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The Next Generation Of Multifamily Architecture in Brookhaven

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It’s better late than never to share these preliminary renderings of the apartments proposed by Houston-based developer Hines for a sweet spot on Dresden Drive in Brookhaven. They were revealed for the first time a couple of weeks ago at a community meeting, and Jack at A Better Brookhaven was thoughtful enough to post some pics. This will be the first apartment project for Hines in the Atlanta market, but you know their office projects well: 1180 Peachtree, One Atlantic Center, One Ninety One Peachtree, and the Atlanta Financial Center, among others. The as-of-yet-unnamed multi-family development will continue the densification of Dresden, which is turning into quite the cool little mixed-use node. The final design could differ but it looks like Hines is on the right track as far as conforming to the area’s overlay zoning that’s in place to encourage good urbanism. Care was taken to activate the streetscape with stoops and windows, plus they staggered and broke up the facades in order to lessen the building’s mass. It’s a good look. There have been the obligatory groans about increased traffic with this development, but given the improved sidewalk experience and the adjacency of the Brookhaven MARTA Station, maybe some of that traffic will be of the shoed variety.

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