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The GA 400 / I-85 Interchange Will Be Complete

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For almost 20 years, motorists wishing to switch direction as they made use of both GA 400 and Interstate 85 were forced to exit the highway system and pray for reasonable traffic at Sidney Marcus; by the end of next year this will not be so. Back when GDOT extended GA 400 south of I-285 into Sandy Springs and Buckhead in the early 1990's, they failed to build ramps allowing those traveling GA 400 south to access I-85 north and vice-versa. They'll now spend some $21.5 million to complete the job. Here's to hoping the move will alleviate some of the (occasionally) hellish traffic that plagues that corridor, as you may recall, the section of 400 between the toll plaza and the I-85 south ramp ranked #1 in the nation for time drivers must allow for delays. [Atlanta Business Chronicle]