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Impeccable Kirkwood Neo-Craftsman May Be Priced For Another Neighborhood

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If there's one thing gained from looking at house listings on Zillow, it's information. Unfortunately, for folks attempting to sell homes in Atlanta over the past few years, this information has been almost invariably bad news. Even Zillow would probably not assert that it's "Zestimates" are infallible, but in the case of this lovely gray shingled craftsman, they may be onto something. Which is kind of a shame, because this is a really nice house, and the owner clearly put substantial monies into its generous spaces and handsome finishes after buying the property for $105,000 in 2006. List price is now $449,000. With a master suite (note the closet and bath), kitchen (butler's pantry with wet bar) and woodwork (coffered ceilings), this seems totally reasonable. But sadly, Kirkwood just ain't there yet. And in this housing market, being among the most expensive properties on your block is not a selling point.

· 195 Locust St NE [Zillow]