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A Busy Day on the BeltLine

For those not nerdy enough to follow the progress as it happened yesterday, behold a few photos documenting the placement of rather large steel beams as part of the improvements of the bridge over Ralph McGill Boulevard on the Eastside trail. Details on this, the first major segment of The BeltLine to actually be constructed, can be found here. The progress is encouraging, but demonstrates clearly that it's going to be a while before the Eastside trail is ready for bike and pedestrian traffic. Perhaps not surprisingly, there have been a variety of snafus in the construction of the trail, well documented in Creative Loafing a couple of weeks ago. But given the feats of excavation, environmental remediation and land-use negotiation involved, we're inclined to cut them some slack and focus on the positive.

· Foundation Atlanta BeltLine Bridge at Ralph McGill Blvd. [Atlanta BeltLine Facebook page]
· Beltline Eastside Trail construction will require Ponce de Leon closures [Creative Loafing]

Atlanta BeltLine Corridor over Ralph McGill

Atlanta BeltLine Corridor, Atlanta, GA 30306