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Where Bass Lofts Attract National Attention

The Curbed family's flagship edition Curbed National has the enviable job of scouring the country for fabulous domiciles and interesting stories to share with a national audience. Our colleagues over at National just debuted a new column from Contributing Writer Chris Berger called Past Lives, which profiles notable residences that were something else before they were somebody's home. Past Lives paid a visit to Little Five Points yesterday to look at the Bass Lofts, truly one of Atlanta's most unique and innovative adaptive reuse projects. (And in some accidentally prescient timing, something Curbed Atlanta mentioned earlier today). We'd bet the Past Lives profile contains information and insight even some Bass Lofts residents weren't aware of. If you're a fan of cool living spaces or architecture, or in the (unlikely event) you ever dreamed of living in your old high school, be sure to check it out. [Curbed National]