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It's Alive! (The Roof of This Ormewood Park Home, That Is)

The Eden House is like a real estate version of “One of These Things Is Not Like The Others.” Sitting right on Moreland Avenue south of Little Azio, it stands out in greener-than-thou fashion (literally and figuratively) from its vintage bungalow neighbors. The 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath home is on the higher end of Ormewood Park’s housing market, and it holds some pretty impressive credentials: Gold LEED for Homes, Earthcraft certified, and HERS rated. If that last part sounded like gibberish, the simple translation is “Al Gore would definitely approve.” Undoubtedly, the coolest feature is the living roof, which is beautifully irrigated by a system of rain barrels. It’s like having another yard right outside the second story windows - no need to trek downstairs for doggy duty. We kid! Improved air quality was an important goal for the designers, as evidenced by the monoxide-removing exhaust fan in the garage that’s triggered by the presence of an automobile. Not so nifty is the kitchen. We appreciate the recycled concrete and glass tiles, but on the whole it looks like an afterthought. And a white fridge that’s mismatched with the rest of the appliances? Someone must have eaten a bad apple before making that sinful choice.

· 901 Moreland Avenue SE [Zillow]
· Eden House [David Butler & Associates, Inc.]