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Luxe Buckhead Rental Has Some Random Ass Broker Babble

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Cruising the internetz for interesting listings, we came upon a pretty grey shingled number on one of our favorite streets in Buckhead (mostly for its name)- Nawench. Tucked comfortably off Howell Mill in walking distance to the super-school Morris Brandon Elementary, Nawench has its share of large, beautiful homes on large, wooded lots. The fact that there is a 6 bed, 6 bath rental available on the street is a sign o' the times, but that's not the headline here. We're more concerned with the fact that the broker babble points out the house was,"[i]nspired by the breathtaking home in Jack Nicholson/Diane Keaton movie Something's Gotta Give." Wait, what? We have seen that film, and come to think of it, this house does remind us of the Hamptons beach house where Keaton writes plays and juggles the affections of Nicholson and Keanu Reeves. It was made by Nancy Meyers, who has been known to lace her films with lasciviously lovely homes (see also It's Complicated). But seriously, someone commissioned a multi-million dollar home in Atlanta based on that movie? This is surely the most random home homage to hit Atlanta since the White House replica in North Druid Hills. In any case, it's $7,950 per month- have at it.

· 1045 Nawench Drive [Atlanta Fine Homes]