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Goodbye PVC Farm: Dunwoody Unveils "Project Renaissance"

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The city of Dunwoody has unveiled plans for a public-private partnership that could rid the Georgetown area of an eyesore and create a community center for the sprawly ‘burb. An aptly-named “PVC Farm” currently forms one side of the project on North Shallowford Road just outside the Perimeter, while the other half consists of an abandoned Emory Hospital campus, for a total of 35 acres. According to the initial plan, the city would retain 17 acres for greenspace, multi-use trails, and a municipal complex and sell the remaining acreage to a private developer who would only be allowed to build low density, single family housing. A wee bit of retail is pictured along North Shallowford Road; call it “Mixed Use Lite.” It won’t create much in the way of a bustling downtown, but what do you expect from a city whose logo mimics that of Wal-Mart?

· Dunwoody wants new, mixed-use development in Georgetown area [Dunwoody Reporters Newspaper]
· Project Renaissance [City of Dunwoody]

Dunwoody High School

5035 Vermack Rd Dunwoody, Dunwoody, GA 30338 678-874-8502

Marist School

3790 Ashford Dunwoody Road NE, Atlanta, GA 30310

Murphy Candler Park

1551 W Nancy Creek Drive, Dunwoody, GA