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The Problem With 285 Is That the Speed Limit is Too Low (?)

We haven't conducted a statistically-sound public survey or anything, but we'd be willing to bet that outside of the endemic (and frequent) gridlock that besets I-285 during the ever-expanding rush hour, very few Atlantans would fault I-285 for moving too slow. Or perhaps being passed on the right for having the temerity to go only 65 mph in the center lane of a 55 mph roadway is normal? In any case, in a prime example of law being tailored to match behavior, state officials are reportedly considering the institution of variable speed limits that could be raised to 65 mph on parts or perhaps the entire ring of Atlanta's perimeter interstate. While the idea is to improve overall traffic flow by raising speed limits when appropriate, given that the current speed limit of 55 mph is almost uniformly ignored, what effect will an additional 10 mph of government sanctioned leeway have? Shorter commute times, we hope. But despite evading the Top 12 list of America's Worst Drivers, we're not necessarily willing to characterize Atlanta's drivers as the best, either.

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